About Me

Hi, I am Thom Robins, a multi-instrumentalist and composer.

I began my musical journey at a young age, initially learning the Viola and Piano. As my skills developed and I progressed further as a musician, I felt a strong desire to delve into the realms of musical composition. This desire that led me on a journey to gather knowledge and learn the fundamental skills of as many instruments as I was able to get a hold of; from the Guitar to the Chinese Hulusi. My compositions have included a wide variety of different genres and influences, including Rock and Flamenco.

As my skills and experience grew, I ventured into the world of Orchestral compositions and arrangements. I was attracted to this particular style of music as I found it to be the most expressive, versatile and interesting form of music. In this modern age I believe that there is not a more exciting place for music to belong than alongside moving image. A successful musical score can, among many other purposes, colour the moving image with emotion whilst providing a narrative and understanding for the audience.

I feel that it is my role to add the heart and soul into a production, and as a perfectionist, I strive to make sure that the work I do is unique for every client. I enjoy any opportunity that allows me to compose and collaborate with others, I look forward to working with anyone who gets in touch!

"Thom was a pleasure to work with and the finished composition was written perfectly around my technical and editorial purposes whilst remain true to the directors vision. Would highly recommend."
Mathew Tingle


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